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mlk jr day.

January 21, 2013

God bless MLK, Jr. And not just because we get this blessed day off of work.

I do have to say that I’m super thankful for this free day. It’s so nice to wake up slow, go to yoga, and enjoy my favorite lavender white tea from Tranquil.

I do also have to say that although I’m finding my new job challenging and stressful, I am inspired by this quote below. I’m still working on being patient and trusting that the treasure I look for is hidden in the ground on which I stand. I want to savor and to enter fully into each moment in order to not miss a single second of what God is doing. I want to continually look and then be awed but not surprised by the fact that I find Him when I search.

I’m pressing on to find out God’s purpose in placing me in my new position.
The joy of working with international students.
The blessing of finding a job in my chosen field.
The opportunity to use this season as way to seek God in new and deeper ways.
The chance to grow into greater dependency on Him.


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