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scattered pieces.

August 26, 2010

When I was on the World Race, sometimes I would make lists when I got bored. One of the lists that I made was a rather extensive one called “People and Places.” Kind of self-explanatory–it was a list of certain places that I wanted to visit, and the people that I wanted to see when I went there.

These past few days I’ve gotten to cross so many people off of that list. I mean, obviously I would love to see them again soon, but it’s not so desperate of a need.

In Toledo I got to see a bunch of Ten Mile Vineyard people because I went to church on Sunday. Besides them, I got to see Allie, Nate, Ashley and Kyle (I don’t really count you guys in TMV people because I knew you from CRU first…), Jillian, Jen K and her bf, Janssen, Brittany, Alton, Jenny, Shannon and Craig, Allison and Ed, and Dan. Plus Hope and her sister Melody who is a little freshman at UT this year.

i told the guy to make sure the picture was good, but...better luck next time, i guess. janssen, brit, jill, and me.

In Chicago I got to see Sarah! And help my sister Kay move in. It was fun to have lunch with her friends, too, at Go Roma–a fave  Chicago place of mine.

oh you know, moving stuff is hard work.

cutie college kids.

And in Indiana I saw EM! It’s so fun to have World Race friends and then see them in REAL LIFE! IN THEIR HOMES. So weird. So great. I kind of am in love with Emily’s nephew, Noah.

trying to all smile at the same time for the camera.

i just love him!

Also, last night I had dinner with my dear friend Lynn.

As I was driving home from Toledo on Tuesday night, my heart was so full. I was crying kind of–bittersweet tears. Happy and sad. On this trip alone I saw friends from high school, college, Campus Crusade summer project, and the World Race. I’m amazed at how many people there are in the world that I love…and the fact that they are scattered across the globe. I love that and hate that at the same time. On one hand, it’s incredible to think about all the relationships I’ve built because of my life experiences. On the other hand it’s lame because I am always missing someone. So many people have a piece of my heart.

I’m probably sounding incredibly corny right now, but whatever.

It’s so weird being gone for a year…missing a year of everyone’s lives. It’s unnatural to pick a relationship back up after such a hiatus. I was worried that it would be hard to reconnect with people. Friends that I’ve been catching up with have done all sorts of things in the past year–gotten married, traveled to new places, had kids, graduated school, gotten new jobs…the list goes on. It’s hard to keep up with everything. It feels really good to know that some friendships will always be comfortable, no matter how far away we are or how often we talk.

All of that to say this: despite the difficulties, it’s really good to be back home.

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  1. Mama permalink
    August 27, 2010 9:14 am

    I’m just glad you come home to us!

  2. Maria permalink
    August 28, 2010 5:19 pm

    Glad you’re back, Chelsea. I know many people are celebrating your return. I’m looking forward to seeing you. I hope the World Race met your expectations.

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