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comfort and chocolate chip cookies.

July 30, 2010

I once wrote a blog about how a piece of cake and some ice cream brought me to tears in Africa. Before the other day, the last time I had a delicious, homemade chocolate chip cookie was in Albania in October. It was a crazy story of course. Somehow a few girls on my squad met an American ambassador who invited them over to her house to make cookies with all American ingredients. It was incredible because baked goods just don’t measure up to the ones we have here, and there’s something surprisingly comforting about a warm cookie or some cake.

baking on the Race looked a little different.

Lately I’d just been really wanting a warm chocolate chip cookie.

God is good. There are so many times when I’m glad that He is the one in control of my life. His timing is perfect, and he gives good gifts. My grandpa recently died after a year of lung cancer. He’s in heaven now, but it doesn’t mean those of us down here aren’t sad about his leaving us. It was difficult for me to leave for the World Race, not knowing if I would see him again. God was good enough to provide me the chance to see my grandpa one last time. About three weeks ago, my mom and I went over to his house. While she and my grandma worked on fixing a few dresses (Arleen is amazing at sewing), Grandpa and I had a cup of tea together, and he told me about all the animals he had seen in his backyard over the years. I’ll cherish that memory forever.

arleen, me, grandpa.

Shan and I flew home Tuesday morning and flew back to Kansas City Wednesday night. It was tiring, but obviously worth it. We flew Midwest. Some of you might know where this story is going. On our last leg of the journey, from Milwaukee to Kansas City, we were served Midwest’s signature chocolate chip cookies, baked fresh on board. I enjoyed them and thanked God for that little gift. Even when life hurts and I’m weary, He’s still on my side.

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