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hilarity and love.

July 23, 2010

On a day to day basis, my life might not seem too exciting right now, considering I was just traveling the world for a year.

I wake up and say farewell to my sister Shanna as she heads off to work. I make myself a cup of tea (because I gave up coffee for the millionth time) and catch up on emails and blogs. Throughout the day I might work on sundry projects pertaining to my new laptop (transferring music, pictures, documents, etc) or do things for my sister’s upcoming wedding. Something that I do every day is make a cake. I’m making all the cakes for the reception slash partaaaay. I hang out with Olly, go on bike rides, and eat big salads.

I love it.

I love being here. My sister is my best friend in the universe. I am obsessed with spending time with her. I love when she comes home from work with bags of kettle chips. She makes dinner and then usually we spend the evening making crafts and watching Gilmore Girls. Sometimes her fiancé Alan comes over to hang out. Sometimes we hang out with other friends. Sometimes we go to Sonic and get hot fudge sundaes. I think I’m a bad influence on her healthy eating habits and general lifestyle, but at least we went to yoga last night (and Chipotle afterwards…).

Whenever we’re together hilarious things happen. The other day we went to the DMV so Shan could get a Missouri driver’s license. The guy working there was named Ramon, and somehow it came up that I spoke Spanish. Shanna wanted to seem cool and like she knew Spanish, too, so she whispered to me, “Hey, say something in Spanish, and then I’ll laugh.”

Ramon obviously loved us.


There’s a story to that picture above.  It was taken three years ago and just moments before something really epic happened. I came to visit her with two other friends (holla Katie P and Hope!) for our fall break from college. Hope and I took the Megabus from Toledo to Chicago, met up with Katie, and then we all took the Megabus to Kansas City.

We had such a fun long weekend. Our Megabus left KC on Monday morning. For whatever reason we left Shan’s apartment a little behind schedule and were worried we would miss the bus. Just as predicted, when we got to the Megabus station, no bus was in sight. Somehow Shan knew the route that the bus takes (?) so we took off again. We finally spotted the bus a few blocks in front of us. Shanna screamed, “Chels! Jump out of the car and run after the bus!” I was paralyzed by fear, however, and just sat there. So Shanna put the cark in park and jumped out. In one fluid movement I hopped over to the driver’s side, put the car back in drive, and ran the red light at which we were sitting. Meanwhile, Shanna was running down the street in this baggy dress (her “Monday dress” at the time). Her shoes had fallen off and homeless people were running after her. It was so insane.

At any rate, she reached the bus at a red light, banged on the side, and the story ends happily. We even got to sit in the top front of a double decker…which is a big deal. Hope, Katie, and I laughed for probably the first hour of the bus ride, not even able to believe what had happened. Hope later wrote a column about the episode in our school newspaper.

In general, my family is just great. There are five of us girls, ranging from age 6 to 24. As you can imagine, things can be kind of crazy and hilarious a lot of time. My family recently was in Denver for a wedding, and we hiked a glacier. It’s an abnormal activity for my family, but Shan’s fiancé loves the great outdoors, so we’re going for it, too. It was really fun. Check out this video to see how it went for us.

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  1. Lynn permalink
    July 24, 2010 8:09 pm

    Hooray for hiking glaciers–first step Denver, next step Alaska!! It’s my favorite : )

  2. July 28, 2010 11:21 am

    love your new blog, and your sister love :)

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